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Have you forgotten your Username/password? Login credentials are changed a few times each year. Please check your latest NAG Newsletter for details.

How to join?
The New Astronomers' Group is an official section of the Astronomical Society of Victoria (ASV).
Therefore you must first join the ASV. Then you will be able to login to the ASV web-site and set your e-mail preferences to receive the NAG Newsletter. There are many sections, events, and benefits when you join the ASV in addition to the New Astronomers' group. Like loan telescopes and borrowing from the largest Astronomical library in the southern hemisphere.
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Educational institutions
Joining the ASV is probably your best option as it offers so many benefits. However, if you do NOT have any financial support to include Astronomy for your students ,and just want to share some NAG material for education, then write to me. The Creative Commons agreement allows sharing for non-commercial purposes.