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Novice Observing Programme

  • Total Novice, no previous experience
  • Finding the 36 brightest stars in the Night Sky is a good place to start observing the night sky
  • Learn their names, the Constellations they are part of, and what is visible naked eye and Binoculars
  • Available in Last, This and Next month format

Rookie Observing Programme (in planning)

  • You have passed basic training (above) and ready to put those skills into practice.
  • Find your first 60 objects (5 per month) with a Telescope to discover more about those fuzzy spots you’ve been seeing in the binoculars.
  • We’ve picked the easier ones you can start with and included some observing notes to help you out
  • Available in Last, This and Next month format

How To

  • This collection of articles have been written as additional resources for the Rookie programme
  • Listed by subject for you to pick-up whenever you’re ready to have a crack at the task.

Crux articles

  • Every now and then I write an article for Crux (ASV Magazine) to let members catch a sample of the New Astronomers’ Group. I have included them here as a collection.